News: Hamilton Crescent Capital Management Announces Revolutionary Financial Offerings: New Cryptocurrency, Corporate Bonds, Exclusive Membership, Celebrity NFTs, and Precious Metal Coins

June 7, 2024 – San Francisco, CA – Hamilton Crescent Capital Management Inc. (HCCM) is thrilled to announce a suite of innovative financial products designed to revolutionize the investment landscape. Our latest offerings include the introduction of CapiCoin, a groundbreaking cryptocurrency; a substantial corporate bond; an exclusive one-time membership opportunity; unique Celebrity NFTs; and a range of precious metal coins.

Introduction of CapiCoin

HCCM is proud to unveil CapiCoin, a digital token backed by tangible assets including gold, silver, and platinum coins. This hybrid cryptocurrency combines the stability of precious metals with the growth potential of digital assets. With a total market release of 32 million CapiCoins and a pre-ICO sale of 2 million tokens, CapiCoin is set to redefine the standards of cryptocurrency investments by offering a secure and valuable store of wealth.

Launch of Corporate Bond

In line with our commitment to providing robust investment opportunities, HCCM announces the issuance of a corporate bond. This bond will support our strategic expansion initiatives, including acquisitions and technological advancements, thereby enhancing our operational capabilities and market presence.

Exclusive Membership Program

HCCM introduces a one-time exclusive membership opportunity limited to 100 million members worldwide. This membership program offers investors a unique chance to partake in our growth trajectory. Members will benefit from priority access to our innovative financial products, including the pre-sale of limited edition 24K gold CapiCoins, which come with certificates of authenticity and are fully insured.

Celebrity NFTs

Adding to our diverse investment portfolio, HCCM is excited to announce the launch of Celebrity NFTs. These non-fungible tokens will feature exclusive digital content and memorabilia from globally recognized celebrities, offering fans and collectors a unique digital asset that holds both sentimental and investment value.

Limited Edition Precious Metal Coins

HCCM is also offering a pre-sale of 75,000 limited edition 24K gold CapiCoins. Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring their value and rarity. Additionally, 32 million silver CapiCoins will be made available, further expanding the investment options in precious metals. These coins are securely stored and insured, providing investors with confidence in their tangible asset investments.

CEO's Statement

"Our latest financial offerings reflect HCCM's dedication to innovation and our commitment to providing investors with diverse, high-potential investment opportunities," said Naser Villanueva, CEO of HCCM. "We are excited to lead the market with CapiCoin, our substantial corporate bond, an exclusive membership program, and the unique appeal of Celebrity NFTs. These initiatives not only enhance our portfolio but also provide significant value and opportunities for our investors."

About Hamilton Crescent Capital Management Inc.

Hamilton Crescent Capital Management Inc. (HCCM) is a leading financial services firm headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Geneva, Dubai, and Singapore. HCCM specializes in diverse investment platforms, including digital currencies, REITs, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and commodities trading. Our mission is to innovate and offer top-tier investment opportunities, leveraging technology and strategic partnerships to drive growth and value for our investors. For media inquiries, please contact us.

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